Cheap pomegranates | The best place for pomegranate production in Iran

Cheap pomegranates can be easily found by searching the markets.
Pomegranate is one of the most popular and healthy fruits available in the fall and
winter, with Iran being one of the most important producers of this product.

The vitamins and minerals in pomegranate are vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals, calcium, iron, manganese, etc.
Pomegranate helps prevent cancer and is extremely thinner.
Consuming pomegranate relieves digestive disorders and helps treat eye diseases.

Selling pomegranate below the market price

Pomegranate produced in the cities of Neyriz, Saveh, Kudasht, Ferdous, Arsanjan, Kuhmarh, Yazd
and Isfahan in the autumn provides the market for other Iranian cities.
The fruit is often harvested in the early fall and exported to overseas markets
in addition to its domestic market.
The amount of supply and demand is directly related
to the pomegranate sales rate, as well as the quality of pomegranate fruit
and the type of packaging that affects the selling rate of this product.

Cheap pomegranates is sold at a price lower than market price in general
by sellers who distribute and distribute pomegranate directly.
Examples of pomegranate processing plants are important
consumers of low-quality pomegranate pomegranate or pomegranate and dewatering, for example, cloves in Jeremiah, Savah, Mashhad, Neyriz, Yazd are examples of this.
These factories estimate the final amount of pomegranate and fulfill the order.

Buying cheap pomegranate

Due to the unusual pomegranate properties and the high consumption of this fruit
in Iran and other countries, the pomegranate market is expected to be more prosperous in the future.

Cheap pomegranates customers usually search for different types of pomegranate
For example, when collecting pomegranate drain, they come to the area and buy directly
Or visit the fruit and vegetable market, visit many stalls and eventually buy the product.
Another way is to purchase from pomegranate sales centers in Iran, which provide customers with the most expensive pomegranate varieties.

Pomegranate varieties on the market

What is marketed from pomegranate is different types classified according to quality, ripening time, fruit appearance, resistance to external factors, etc.
The choice of the type of seedlings and the type of pomegranate is very important for fruit trees, although the maturity of the pomegranate is also important in the quality of the pomegranate
in the coming years, the choice of appropriate seedlings is also important.

Important types of cultivated pomegranate and its harvest can be mentioned in Iran:

  1. Pomegranate from the excellent Meles
  2. Pomegranate Robab
  3. Bride of pomegranate
  4. Pomegranate siab
  5. Pomegranate meykhosh
  6. Sweet pomegranate
  7. Sour pomegranate
  8. Pomegranate without a kernel

Cheap pomegranates production company

Companies operating in the field of pomegranate contract pomegranate paste, pomegranate concentrates and pomegranate plants.
Therefore, some pomegranate orchards are sent to pomegranate
processing plants made from pomegranate derivatives.
These factories need pomegranate to produce pomegranate products at reasonable prices.

Another part of the pomegranate orchards is sent to the fruit and vegetable fields
to meet the daily needs of the Iranian market.
Pomegranate fruit shipped to urban vegetable and fruit fields is of better quality
than pomegranate or pomegranate juice and is sold at a higher price.
Therefore fruit sellers buy pomegranate in different packages depending on their needs.
It should be noted that part of the pomegranate shipped to these boxes
is purchased by the capitalists and sent to cold storage facilities throughout the country.

A supplier of pomegranate varieties in Iran

Iran’s climate and fertile soil are able to meet the needs of the domestic market
and much of the international market.
Iran is the first producer of pomegranate in the world and produces about
two million tons of pomegranate varieties annually, which is an important figure compared to global production.

Several companies are active in supplying pomegranate to the domestic
and foreign market and pomegranate treatment plants.
These companies that have the latest investments have the latest methods
and techniques in the production of different types of pomegranate paste, pomegranate center, pomegranate juice, pomegranate sauce and export their products with high quality and
export them to all parts of the world they have.

The major pomegranate suppliers in the country buy bulk pomegranate
during the harvest and distribute the fruit and distribute it as needed.
Pomegranate varieties have been established throughout the country, some of which are known as the country’s production center.

Order pomegranate in large quantities

Pomegranate is mainly ordered in the Iranian vegetable and fruit market
in very large quantities, especially in the autumn.
Iranian pomegranate is sold by the pomegranate shopping center
in a very affordable and affordable package.
It is worth noting that to buy cheap pomegranate, it is better to buy it directly
from centers that supply the pomegranate directly.

Wholesalers may be from manufacturers themselves or may be in contact with reputable manufacturers.
Therefore, pomegranate can be ordered from wholesalers in different ways
One way of ordering, for example, is to order online or by call, whereby the seller is informed of the quantity and size of the pomegranate and the invoice address also appears on the invoice.
The convenient and fast transportation of the product plays an important role
in the trade of these products.